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Geeks love writing

We’ll be honest – we love to write

Content is so important when communicating your product or when building a website.  In fact, crucially important as you could be severely judged by the public or in search engines if your content is wrong.

Working with agencies and individuals, we have created content for large corporate brochures and websites, medium and smaller companies’ sites and corporate collateral, as well as looked at content on websites in order to optimise for search engines (SEO).  

We offer content in English and in Afrikaans and have a German translator.

Whether it is content creation from scratch or rewriting of existing content, we can assist in taking the voice of your brand to the next level.

Our services extend to:

Corporate Brochures
Website Content
Promotional Brochures
Event Invitations
Internal Communications
Rewriting of Existing Content
Slogan Creation
Brand Identity Creation