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Web Design & development

Being online is crucial

Very few companies can function without a website today.  It is the way a company builds credibility with the public.   The user experience on a site is a critical component to the success of the site and the way in which people perceive companies. In today’s day and age a website has become the most essential part of every company’s persona, brand and marketing strategy.

At Visibrand, we offer customised online solutions using WordPress and the latest in technology. We specialise in user experience and are constantly watching modern trends to not only ensure our clients get what they want, but also to provide the essential tools they need to succeed online.

Once the fundamental base is set, we ensure that it is indexed for search engines to find but are then also able to assist in the steps that follow to create visibility to a targeted audience with Online Marketing.

Website Designs are functional and user friendly.

We don’t want your potential clients to land on your site and feel lost, therefor we carefully structure content and user navigation before designing a site for you.

A Website can represent your company 24/7.

No Employee can do that.