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Online Visibility

Advertising online can be done in various ways, depending on the brand, the strategy and the budgets set out to build online visibility.

Here we explore the Search Engine Marketing and Display Marketing to build brand awareness and to generate direct leads.

Google Adwords

The Google Adwords platform is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your site as this is the place where people are actively searching for your product or service.

With Adwords, you only pay for the clicks through to your site. 80% of the time, these are generally also the people ready to interact.  It is the most effective form of advertising as it is guaranteed top positions when managed correctly and with the right budgets for each market sector.

Pay per Click works on a monthly marketing spend and, depending on the competitiveness of markets and the return on investment, is a cost-saving marketing spend, as it reaches the exact audience – the ones looking specifically looking for your products, at the exact time that they are actively looking for you.

Budgets are flexible as it is online.  We give suggestions, but we do not want to dilute campaigns too much by adding little budget to big spending campaigns.  We can also start with fewer campaigns with higher return so that it suits budgets and allows for scalable growth.

We have seen companies achieve major success with this platform.  Why not try it for yourself?

95% of People look at the first page of Google

Display Marketing

A great online presence can also be achieved by targeting people with adverts on different websites in different ways.  Here we will run image adverts as well as just text ads and we can target these as follow:

Contextual and Topic Targeting:

We look at the content of a news article or feed and if it pertains to anything industry related, we place adverts next to these articles.  The people reading articles similar to that will see the advert and immediately associate with you.

Profile Targeting:

Here we look at the ways in which people use the Internet and target specific types of people with your adverts.

Remarketing Display:

Anyone that has been on your website will now see your adverts on other websites across the net.  We can further target this that, should someone leave from a specific page, we target them with more specific messaging that has similar content to the page left.

These brand building techniques will let people feel like you are everywhere on the Internet and start associating with your brand very quickly.

Marketing is a Contest for People's Attention

~ Seth Godin